This Day in Dodgers Baseball

On May 3rd, 1890, the Dodgers and Giants played for the very first time. With both teams on the east coast, the Brooklyn Bridegrooms (they didn’t become the Dodgers until 1932) defeated the New York Giants 7-3 in an exhibition game played at the Polo Grounds.

Since that day 114 years ago, the Dodgers and Giants have played 2,398 games. Unfortunately for the Dodgers, they have been on the losing end 1,205 times, with a winning percentage  of just .494. And during that time, the Dodgers have won 21 pennants and six World Series, while the Giants have won 22 pennants and seven World Series. If you are trying to find any solace in those numbers, since 1955 the Dodgers have won six World Series and the Giants only two.

Maybe by the end of 2014, the Boys in Blue can draw even in the World Series column. Here’s to number 7.


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